While Howard Stern is never shy about letting the world know his feelings about certain celebrities, he reserves a special bit of distaste for those who slight him. 


The 58-year-old earlier this morning blasted "Entourage" star Adrian Grenier after the actor cancelled at the last-minute as host of the 2012 Bideawee Gala. The charity, one of the oldest animal welfare organizations, is supported by Stern's wife, Beth. 


“A lot of celebrities agree to do something for a charity … And at the last minute they cancel, leaving the charity stranded," Stern said on the air. "I do lose respect for people when they do this. They always have a great excuse …I don’t know. Send out a tweet and say 'I’m so sorry'.”


It's unclear why Grenier, 35, pulled out of the event just 24 hours prior. What we do know is that Beth Stern graciously filled in at the last minute. "i feel bad for all the animal lovers who are expecting to see @adriangrenier hosting tomorrow's Bideawee gala and see me instead! filling in," she wrote on Twitter


According to Examiner, attendees bought tickets priced from $50-$1,000. Despite the lack of a celebrity host, the evening was still a success for the animals. "So happy and honored to have hosted," Beth later tweeted.


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Howard Stern blasts Adrian Grenier for cancellation
Actor was slated to host animal fund-raising event but pulled out at the last minute.