Just in time for Valentine's Day, Hugh Jackman's charity business is getting a sweet upgrade.


The 43-year-old announced this week that Laughing Man Worldwide will now be offering fair trade, rain forest-certified chocolates in addition to an already impressive collection of sustainable coffees and teas from around the world.


The actor created the venture back in October 2011 while performing charity work for the organization World Vision in Ethiopia.  


"I met a man who changed the way I looked at the world. As Dukale and I planted coffee trees together, I began to see the potential for one man’s hard work to transform an entire community … While working with Dukale that day, I was so inspired by what I learned from him and his community. I made Dukale a promise to do my bit to help. Laughing Man Worldwide is the fulfillment of that promise.”


The first teas and coffees promoted by the company were made with crops from farms in Ethiopia, Peru, Guatemala, Papua New Guinea and beyond. A full 100 percent of the profits benefit charity, something Jackman says he was inspired to pursue by the late Paul Newman.


"I read his book about 10 years ago, "Shameless Exploitation in the Pursuit of the Common Good," he tells CNN. "It's a great book and that's probably where the idea incubated."


Jackman says that the key to Laughing Man is making it as transparent as possible so that people can understand exactly where everything comes from.


"There's some organizations that you're buying from that are like a co-op and you can't really guarantee who you are buying from," he explains. "We really want to encourage people that you can get a really fair price for quality products, wherever it's grown. That's what we're doing.


"Business done well is a win-win all around," he adds. "It doesn't have to tax the environment or quality or the workers or people. There is a way, under the natural law, for this to work for everybody."


Laughing Man currently offers five different boxes of chocolates ranging from four to 48 pieces ($9-$92). You can check out all the delicious products by jumping here or visiting the company's café at 184 Duane St. in the Lower Manhattan neighborhood of Tribeca.


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