If the zombie-spearing Elantra it designed last year for Comic-Con wasn't quite your style, Hyundai is back with a sportier version of a custom undead killing machine. 

The automaker, once again in partnership with "The Walking Dead" comic scribe Robert Kirkman, unveiled its 2013 Veloster Zombie Survival Machine at the San Diego-based conference this week; giving fans of the series a humorous example of "everything but the kitchen sink" when it comes to gearing up for the apocalypse. 

Features of the Veloster ZSM include a roof mounted rail gun, dual guns on the hood, door-mounted flamethrowers, gigantic bullhorn, spiked baseball bat, and holders for your own various Samurai swords. 

You can check out a video of the vehicle's unveiling below. "The Walking Dead" returns for Season 4 in October. 

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Hyundai brings zombie-killing Veloster to Comic-Con
Automaker once again teams with 'The Walking Dead' creator Robert Kirkman to design a vehicle capable of surviving the zombie apocalypse.