Old televisionsOctober’s Energy Awareness Month, as fellow MNN blogger Matt Hickman’s pointed out — and soon, being energy-aware about our television will likely get easier, thanks to my home state California!

Yes, California’s already well-known for passing energy-efficiency standards for appliances and electronics — and the state looks ready to apply its eco-smart standards to televisions too. The L.A. Times reports that as soon as Nov. 4, California policymakers could pass “the nation’s first ban on energy-hungry big-screen televisions.”

After all, previous energy-efficiency standards applied to everything from refrigerators to air conditioners have shown that setting high standards leads to more eco-friendly appliances and gadgets — without hurting the economy. Reports the L.A. Times:

If all TVs met state standards, [energy commission staff engineer Ken] Rider added, California could avoid the $600-million cost of building a natural-gas-fired power plant. Switching to more-efficient TVs could have an estimated net benefit to the state of $8.1 billion, the commission staff reported.
Even if the California Energy Commission votes to set tough efficiency standards for TVs on Nov. 1, it’ll be a while before all TVs are eco-smart, since standards would be phased in over 2 years starting Jan. 2011. Still, once California sets this regulation, many states will follow suit — and even the ones that don’t will benefit from a marketplace that’s adapted to the tougher laws that California’s mandated.

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I want my energy-efficient TV!
TVs will likely get more eco-friendly, since California's likely to send tough energy-efficiency standards for the boob tube.