Environmental activist, animal advocate, and television star Ian Somerhalder has just added a new furry addition to his growing family. 

The 34-year-old recently took to Twitter to announce that he had rescued a dog wandering in traffic in the vicinity of the "Vampire Diaries" set. 

"so smart, so beautiful&charming-all a man could ask for in a girl-So happy together.Her name is Nietzsche," he wrote on Twitter. Somerhalder then posted a picture to Instagram of the pair posing together:

Nietzsche appears to be the first rescue dog for Somerhalder, who also has several rescue cats at home. 

"I’ve got a number of them and sometimes that number fluctuates because there will be a rescue that’s fostered a little bit. There’s a lot of fur," he told E! Online last year

In a video earlier this year for his new role as Josie Maran Cosmetics’ Model Citizen for 2013, Somerhalder revealed a bit more about the animal rescue center he plans to open shortly. 

"We're building an animal sanctuary that's also going to double as a sustainable agriculture farm and triple as a youth education camp," he said. "When a young person comes to that farm, they leave with a different understanding of compassion. If you have compassion for an animal, ultimately you will have compassion for people."

Check out that video below. 

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Ian Somerhalder shows off new rescue dog 'Nietzsche'
'Vampire Diaries' star says he rescued the pup from traffic near the studio where the hit television is filmed.