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For subscribers of National Geographic magazine, there's something special about the anticipation of opening up a mailbox to see what photograph graces the yellow-bordered cover of each monthly issue. With its comprehensive storytelling and gorgeous imagery, the beloved magazine has captivated readers of all ages and from ever corner of the world.

National Geographic CoversNow readers can relive that discovery moment with the new book, "National Geographic The Covers: Iconic Photographs, Unforgettable Stories."

As readers flip through this definitive collection, they'll embark on a chronological journey of the most important scientific innovations and cultural moments of the past 125 years.

In addition to the irresistible eye candy, readers will be treated to the gripping stories behind some of the most iconic images — "from the piercing green eyes of the Afghan girl to the haunted, hunted gorillas of the Congo's Virunga Crater."

There are 500 riveting cover photos featured in the book, and as an ode to the season, we've compiled a selection of covers featuring cuddly wildlife thriving in frosty climates.

Visit Amazon or Indiebound to purchase a copy of "National Geographic The Covers."

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Nat Geo covers: Monkey and snowball

Photo: Mitsuaki Iwago/National Geographic

December 1994

"Enchanted by its frozen toy, a young Japanese macaque carries around a snowball it has made — a delightful example of animals’ capacity for play."

* * * 
Nat Geo covers: Fox

Photo: Greg Schneider/National Geographic

March 2011

"Wild foxes in Ontario’s Algonquin Provincial Park are so used to people that they beg for food — and sometimes pose for a portrait."

* * * 
Nat Geo covers: Polar bears

Photo: Norbert Rosing/National Geographic

December 2000

"A polar bear cub naps after an active afternoon pestering the scientists studying its tranquilized mother nearby."

* * * 
Nat Geo covers: Penguin

Photo: William R. Curtsinger/National Geographic

November 1971

"Telemetry pack helps scientists decipher a penguin’s life processes."

* * * 
Nat Geo covers: Harp seal

Photo: Brian Skerry/National Geographic

February 2004

"A harp seal pup hugs the ice in Canada’s Gulf of St. Lawrence."

* * * 
Nat Geo covers: Penguin chick

Photo: Frans Lanting/National Geographic

March 1996

"An emperor penguin chick gets close inspection on Antarctica’s frozen Waddell Sea."

* * * 
Nat Geo covers: Polar bears

Photo: Norbert Rosing/National Geographic

March 2004

Polar bears tussle on the tundra near Hudson Bay.

* * * 
Nat Geo covers: Backyard deer

Photo: Albert Moldvay/National Geographic

November 1963

"Deer and children enjoy Porcupine Mountains State Park in Michigan, one of the nation’s more than 26,000 local recreation areas."

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Iconic 'Covers' indulge Nat Geo nostalgia
Embark on a journey of humankind's most important scientific innovations and cultural moments from the past 125 years.