In the Heart of the Sea movie poster

While trailers generally steal all the thunder when it comes to marketing a film, sometimes good old-fashioned art work does an even better job. That's the case with Ron Howard's upcoming survival drama "In the Heart of the Sea," which has featured some get trailers but just scored with an absolutely gorgeous poster. 

In the image, we see the shadowy outline of history's most famous whale cruising under the U.S. whale ship Essex. While the image is exaggerated (the sperm whale that sank the Essex and inspired the tale of "Moby-Dick" was estimated at 85 feet long. The Essex, in comparison, was 88 feet long.), the enormity of the danger is well presented. Of the 21 men who survived the ship's sinking, only eight were discovered alive more than 90 days later. 

A new trailer for the film, in theaters March 15, is available below.  

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'In The Heart of the Sea' poster is hauntingly beautiful
Director Ron Howard can stop with the trailers. This poster is all I need to be there on opening night.