Ina Garten, host of the Food Network show "Barefoot Contessa" and former White House nuclear policy analyst, was today granted demi-God status on the Internet. 

The 62-year-old chef is being featured through a hyperlink on the main Google splash page — something that, according to the Huffington Post, is a bit of a departure for the search giant. 

"Google regularly switches up the logo on its homepage to honor authors, inventions, or holidays, but this is the first time (to our recollection) that it's linked its logo to a specific, curated set of content. Normally, clicking on the Doodle takes users to a page of Google search results for that specific query."

While I doubt such a move signals a shift that Google is turning into some kind of content provider, HuffPo does bring up a good point that people may search less for competing recipes with Garten's suggestions. 

But back to the food. In terms of green, vegans or vegetarians can expect two of the six recipes to fit the bill for a plant-based holiday dinner. Garten, who is known for using fresh ingredients in her meals, is also quick to point out that she uses an "organic" turkey whenever possible. 

If you're still stuck for some additional delicious recipes, might I recommend MNN's 11 Unconventional Thanksgiving Recipes for your consideration? The healthy "pumpkin hummus" is my favorite. 

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Ina Garten gets the Google spotlight
To honor Thanksgiving, Google re-designs their iconic logo with links to recipes by the popular Food Network chef.