Everyday objects fulfilling wishes: Power lines breaking free

Images courtesy of ErAn Croitoru

In the clever digital creations of photographer and animator ErAn Croitoru, we witness ordinary objects coming alive to fulfill their wildest dreams.

"This project is for the silent objects in all of our lives, the things we use and leave in the background," Croitoru explains. "Each picture starts with a simple question — what would you like to do today?"

For the power line towers (above), nothing sounds more appealing than breaking free and flying away from the monotony and pressure of providing around-the-clock service for everyone else. Same thing goes for our hardworking cameras (below), which always seem to be on hand to capture our indulgent selfies or the latest viral video. Don't they deserve a vacation?

Everyday objects fulfilling wishes: Cameras on vacation

What's magical about Croitoru's surreal situations is that they bring us back to a common childhood fascination: Anthropomorphizing our beloved belongings. If you've ever watched movies like "Toy Story" or the "Brave Little Toaster," you should be well-acquainted with this nostalgia for inanimate objects.

As we mature, we tend to grow out of these fanciful notions, but every now and then, it's important to take a moment and think about all the ordinary objects we take for granted every day.

Continue below for more of these imaginative scenes, and be sure to check out more of Croitoru's work on his website and Facebook page.

Everyday objects fulfilling wishes: Food fight
Everyday objects fulfilling wishes: Hammering the alarm clock
Everyday objects fulfilling wishes: Bunny magician
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Inanimate objects live large in photo animations
Watch these ordinary objects come alive to fulfill their wildest dreams.