Without giving away too much of the plot for the new film "Inception", let me just say that it involves a crew of people who can manipulate the minds of others by entering their dreams.

Got it? I have no idea how that makes sense either — but I'm sure the premise will become a lot clearer after the movie opens on July 16.

Based on that sliver of information, however, AP News asked the cast of "Inception" whose minds they might like to enter and scramble up a bit. DiCaprio, ever mindful of the environment, chose embattled BP CEO Tony Hayward, saying:

"They [BP] have a huge responsibility and they better come through. That was a monumental catastrophe — it was a giant environmental catastrophe, and a lot needs to be done to repair the problem.”

"We seem to be a part of the problem. I think we live in a dream world already," he added.

Ellen Page, who most will recognize from her star-rocketing role in "Juno", chose Dick Cheney and Sarah Palin — with much of her criticism directed at the former Alaska governor and her lack of "empathy".

Check out their comments below: 

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