In the bustling Indian city of Chennai, a Facebook-based coterie composed of a couple thousand hook-wielding women recently set out to finish the granny square to end all granny squares; a patchwork colossus; a towering testament to the chain stitch; a 120,001-square-foot yarn monster roughly the size of an entire soccer pitch.

And, of course, the group, known as Mother India’s Crochet Queens, called in the good folks at Guinness World Records to come have a look-see when they were done.

Brilliantly hued and potentially visible from space, the massive collaborative handiwork that took six months to complete has officially joined the ranks of other Guinness World Records-recognized yarn feats (largest crocheted/knitted stocking, largest display of crochet sculptures, etc.) as the world’s largest crochet blanket.

The previous record held for largest crochet blanket, achieved last April in South Africa in observation of Nelson Mandela Day, is positively tiny in comparison. While it managed to both inspire and blow a few minds when complete, it measured a mere 36,349 square feet.

To be clear, the record-shattering handiwork of Mother India’s Crochet Queens isn’t a single blanket. That would be just nuts. Rather, the blanket is composed of several thousand 40-inch-by-40-inch granny squares linked together to form one massive sea of cozy.

Under the leadership of social media-savvy project leader Subashri Natarajan, crochet-loving ladies of Indian descent hailing from a total of 13 different countries participated in the undertaking.

Natarajan, a Chennai-based CEO who initially set out to achieve the record alone and does most of her crocheting while en route to work in the back of a car, told Guinness World Records:

I started the wonderful art of crochet from a young age. At the age of 10, I remembered very clearly playing with yarn creating beautiful dreams with crochet. I have been a very ambitious child always wanting to achieve great things in life. This dream of making it big in the world stayed with me into adulthood. I have always been looking for opportunities to come my way and finally decided that I have to create an opportunity and not wait for one. It is at this time I decided to research on Guinness World Records projects related to crochet.

So what exactly does one do with a crochet blanket of such staggering size?

Immediately after the Crochet Beast of Chennai was verified and added to the record books, it was carefully deconstructed by Mother India's Crochet Queens. The group has vowed to donate all the individual blankets — all 8,034 of 'em!— to charitable causes. A heart- and body-warming decision to be sure.

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Indian handicraft collective completes world's largest crochet blanket
At over 120,000 square feet, the patchwork behemoth is large enough to keep even Paul Bunyan cozy and snug.