Dmitriy Yoav Reinshtein is a talented 26-year-old photographer living in Tel Aviv with a keen eye for the world of macro. I stumbled across his website and was captivated by images he made of insects with drops of water on their heads. The world of the small is a strange one, and Reinshtein's lens wonderfully captures the eccentric features of various flying insects and spiders, all capped with watery hats.

Check out these gems and then head over to his site to view the rest of his work.

Reinshtein macro spider

Reinshtein macro fly

Reinshtein macro fly2

Via Boing Boing

All photos used with permission by D.Y. Reinshtein.

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Insects with drops of water on their heads: The beautiful photography of D.Y. Reinshtein
Photographer D.Y. Reinshtein's insect macro photography gives you an intimate view of the wild world of tiny things.