On Instagram? Have your phone handy? Quick: take off your shoes and socks, plant your feet on the ground and snap a photo. Now put it up on Instagram and attach the hashtag #withoutshoes.

BOOM! You've just given a needy kid somewhere a free pair of shoes.

This fantastic social media campaign is all thanks to the creative and generous Toms Shoes. In celebration of its ninth anniversary, the footwear company will give away up to 1 million shoes for anyone posting their naked feet to Instagram through May 21.

"By leveraging Instagram, we can really make this a participatory event globally," founder Blake Mycoskie told USA Today. "This isn't just about advocacy and giving based on your buying. It's about real giving for giving's sake."

Toms latest campaign is an expansion of its standard policy to always donate a pair of shoes for every purchase of a pair made through its website. To date, the company has given away more than 35 million pairs since its founding in 2006.

"To scale something like this in order to help more people is an incredible opportunity, and one that couldn't have happened just a few years ago," added Mycoskie. "Social media is what makes Toms possible. Spreading the word between people who care is so easy now."

Feeling self-conscious about your feet? Don't. Have a look at my hobbit-esque pair below. Don't feel so bad anymore do you? Now go kick off your shoes and make a difference! 


Doing my part to help a kid in need score a free pair of shoes. #withoutshoes #toms

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May 8, 2015 at 9:20am PDT

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Instagram your feet and give a free pair of shoes to a kid in need
Toms Shoes, in celebration of its 9th anniversary, will donate a pair of shoes for every Instagram of bare feet with the hashtag #withoutshoes.