While 'Sharknado' will rule the skies over New York City (and hopefully for SyFy, the ratings) in July, New Line Cinema is banking on a more realistic version to capture audiences in August. The studio has just released a new full trailer for their tornado disaster flick "Into The Storm," which uses a professional "found footage" angle and generous heapings of slick SFX to document one town's efforts to survive an onslaught from Mother Nature. 

"We tried to be as accurate as possible," director Steve Quale told Collider. "I did lots of research beforehand and YouTube has tons of video footage of real tornadoes. So I would go to the digital effects artists and say, 'Look, your tornado has to look like this. It's not close - it has to look exactly like this.'"

Quale says that when he and the writers were building the big finale of the film, they originally thought their giant tornado was unrealistic at over a mile wide. 

"And I thought, 'That's crazy, that's enormous.' And then a real tornado happened that was over two miles wide! We had a scene that was talking about things getting thrown up, and then in Texas there was a tornado that picked up these semi-tractor trailer trucks and threw them in the air for 200 feet. And so I'm suddenly seeing all this real footage and saying, 'Ok, maybe we're not exaggerating things.'" 

"Into The Storm" is slated for release on August 8th. Check out the trailer below. 

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'Into The Storm' full trailer shows massive EF-5 tornado
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