Former "Friends" star Matthew Perry is backing big plans to turn a 193-acre Iowa farm made famous in the film "Field of Dreams" into a $40M youth sports complex — but not everyone is thrilled with his involvement. 

According to TMZ, a group called the Residential & Agricultural Advisory Committee is urging Perry to reconsider his investment with Go The Distance, LLC — saying the project will interfere with their own farms. "It is no exaggeration to say that our very way of life is at risk," they write in the letter. 

Should the sprawling project go ahead, farmers say the new influx of population and business will prevent them from hauling manure, moving large farm vehicles, and the aerial spraying of crops. 

Despite the lawsuit filed by the committee over these concerns, officials at Go The Distance (which includes legendary baseball player Wade Boggs) still intend to proceed with a groundbreaking ceremony in May. The initial plan will include 12 softball and baseball fields plus team housing, followed by another dozen fields and housing over the next two to three years. Organizers expect the development to create 1,400 jobs and bring in $40 million to the area. 

"'Field of Dreams' has always been one of my favorite movies and having a chance to do just about anything with Wade Boggs is a dream come true for me," Perry said in a statement back in February. "I’m looking forward to helping make this a place where young ball players from all over the country can come and make their dreams come true, too. And, if we hear voices coming from the cornfields we’ll be sure to follow any and all instructions."

Check out a video of the planned youth sports complex below. 


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Iowa farmers unhappy with Matthew Perry's 'Field of Dreams' investment
Actor becomes the latest big name to back the proposed $40M youth sports complex on the site of the farm made famous in the film 'Field of Dreams.'