Even the mighty monster Godzilla is not immune to modern-day fat shaming. 

The massive star of the upcoming Hollywood remake has come under fire from Japanese fans of the original, saying that this version of Godzilla is in need of a weight loss plan. 

“When I finally saw it, I was a bit taken aback,” Godzilla fan Fumihiko Abe told the AFP. “It’s fat from the neck downwards and massive at the bottom.”

Others comments that G's new look was the result of an American diet. "It's done a 'super-size me'," quipped one person, while another cruelly deemed him a "marshmallow Godzilla." 

One thing not taken into account in sizing up the new monster is its height — at over 320 feet, it's the largest Godzilla ever to grace the big screen. So maybe, he's at a healthy weight relative to his size. 


So please, let's all stop fat shaming one of cinema's greatest monsters. He may not be as agile as Sony's 1998 version, but let's not go underestimating his power until after we've seen him destroy a city or two — and maybe save the world in the process. 

Check out the latest trailer below. "Godzilla" bows on May 16. 

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Is the new Godzilla 'too fat'?
Japanese fans of the original monster say Hollywood's new version could stand to lose a few pounds.