A little over a year ago, Canada's Parliament officially declared that the nation would never offer asylum to the undead. No, really - that actually happened

"I want to assure the member and all Canadians that I am dead-icated to ensuring that this never happens," Foreign Minister John Baird declared after being poised the tongue-in-cheek-question by a member of Parliament. "I want to say categorically to this member and through him to all Canadians that under the leadership of this Prime Minister Canada will never become a safe haven for zombies, ever!"

As you'll see in a brilliant new promotion for the Canadian Film Festival, it turns out that Parliament really has nothing to fear from zombies - as long as they're Canadian. 

I'll allow Antoine Zombé to explain in the clip below: 

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It's not easy being a Canadian zombie
Hilarious promotion for the Canadian Film Festival proves that even the undead can have manners.