3766287764 4ba6572ca6 m Jam with Fallen Fruit 8/2Make jam not war! Fallen Fruit — the L.A.-based artist collective that combines de-car-ing with local foodie-ism by informing Angelenos that fruit overhanging public property’s yours for freely taking — is hosting its 4th annual Public Fruit Jam!

All are welcome to show up — if possible, with empty jars and local fruits, preferably foraged, in hand — and start jamming.

When: Sunday, Aug 2, 2009, 10 a.m. to 1 p.m.
Where: Machine Project, 1200 D N. Alvarado, Los Angeles

How much jam are we talking? “We typically make around 500 jars in about three hours, dozens of different varieties,” says Fallen Fruit in an announcement. “We encourage people not to follow recipes and think of it as a collaboration between citizens of the same town. It’s really fun and delicious!”

More than 300 jammers are expected. See photos from past events here!

Whether or not you make it to Fallen Fruit’s official Jam, you can answer the National Call for a Summer of Public Fruit Jams. Fallen Fruit wants everyone to organize their own jamming sessions — an especially helpful idea for those with overproductive fruit trees in their backyard.

Fallen Fruit’s the same collective that encouraged participatory play at its banana exhibit last month. After the jam, Fallen Fruit will move the party to Another Year in LA, 2121 N. San Fernando Rd. #13, Los Angeles, to mark the closing of the collective’s solo show, Fresn ‘n’ Easy. That party happens from 3 p.m. - 7 p.m.

Photo courtesy of Fallen Fruit

Jam with Fallen Fruit
L.A.-based artist collective Fallen Fruit invites Angelenos to make jam this weekend.