James Cameron may be hard at work on his "Avatar" sequels, but it appears that the director is taking at least a little time away to continue raising awareness on climate change. 


The 58-year-old is reportedly teaming up with Jerry Weintraub to produce an eight-part documentary on the personal impact of climate change for Showtime. Titled “The Years of Living Dangerously," the series will feature "well-known actors" interviewing people around the world who have experienced the devastating consequences of a warming planet. 


Contrary to earlier claims yesterday, George Clooney will not be one of the famous faces participating.


According to The Wrap, a demo reel has already been put together for the project - with Showtime itself throwing down a big investment for production. David Gelber, who has won numerous awards for his documentaries on "60 Minutes II" and Joel Bach (another "60 Minutes" veteran) will join Cameron and Weintraub in producing.  


“We’re facing a threat that is as great as the threat that we as a nation faced in World War II," Cameron said about climate change in 2010. "But that was a very, very defined evil and there was a starting gun with Pearl Harbor, and there was no argument but what did we do? Like the Apollo program, we mobilized on a national scale, and we need that greatest generation again. We need a greater generation.”


No word yet on when Showtime's new doc might see the light of day.


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James Cameron and Showtime working on green doc
Director is partnering with Jerry Weintraub to produce an eight-part documentary about the personal impact of climate change.