Less than a month after picking up a large commercial walnut farm in New Zealand, James Cameron has added yet another substantial piece of paradise to his land holdings. 

The site NZFarmer posted today that the award-winning "Avatar" and "Titanic" director has acquired over 1,037 acres in the Wairarapa region of New Zealand's North Island. This latest purchase comes in addition to the 2,700 acres the 58-year-old has scooped up since moving to the country in 2012

"I fell in love with New Zealand on a visit in 1994, and vowed to live here someday," Cameron said in an earlier statement. "Now that dream is becoming a reality."

Cameron, who recently embraced a vegan diet to help the planet, has said that he fully intends to grow crops - transitioning any dairy farms he now owns to something more sustainable and animal-friendly.

'I grew up working on my grandfather's farm in Canada and my wife Suzy's family own a farm in Oklahoma," he added. ''We want to raise our kids with the values we had when we were growing up, close to the land and with a strong work ethic. We hope we will be accepted as good neighbors and good members of the community in South Wairarapa."

Lake Pounui in New Zealand, part of the 2,400 acres purchased by director James Cameron.

Unfortunately for fans of Cameron's "Avatar," the sequel keeps getting pushed back - something that may be due to New Zealand's distracting beauty. 

"I'm actually over here writing, because I need some peace and quiet," he told the New Zealand site Stuff.co.nz last year. 

"So we're out on our farm in the Wairarapa and loving it. Unfortunately, it's distracting because it's so beautiful. You want to go fishing and on yachts and all that sort of thing. It's going to take me a while to get these scripts nailed down exactly the way I want them."

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James Cameron buys another 1000 acres in New Zealand
'Avatar' director is evidently keen to scoop up as much property around his North Island farm as possible.