At the Environmental Media Awards last Saturday night, director James Cameron told the audience that he was ready to fight for the environment with his own cash — starting with California's Proposition 23.

“The fight is in front of us, and it’s really time to really double down. I mean, the fight’s been brought to us in our own home turf with Prop 23,” Cameron said. “The AB 32 legislation is such important, landmark legislation on climate change and a clean energy economy that we’ve just got to win this one and we’ve got to win it resoundingly. So I’ve dumped a bunch of money into that, which I don’t normally do — I just feel like it’s such a line in the sand fight that we have to win.”

That "bunch of money" turned out to be $1 million — a substantial sum for fighting a ballot initiative, but one the 56-year-old can certainly afford. It's estimated that Cameron made in excess of $300 million (and counting) off of "Avatar's" success at the box office. So he's serious when he says he can make a difference with his money.

Joining the director in donating to the "No on Prop 23" campaign is Intel Corp. co-founder Gordon Moore with $1 million, Google Inc. co-founder Sergey Brin with $200,000, and most recently Bill Gates with $700,000.

If approved by voters, Prop 23 would suspend the Global Warming Solutions Act (scheduled to begin in 2012) until California's unemployment rate drops to 5.5 percent for four consecutive quarters. Such a feat has only occurred three times in the 35 years since stats were first recorded.

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James Cameron donates $1M to fight Prop 23
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