The Cameron family love affair with New Zealand may soon become a lot more official. 

In a recent interview, director James Cameron said he's considering a permanent move to the country, with an eye toward pursuing citizenship. The family members currently split their time between their 4,000-acre family farm in the Wairarapa region of New Zealand's North Island and their 100-acre ranch in Santa Barbara, California. When asked what makes the country an attractive place to call home, Cameron cited both environmental and lifestyle values as the big attractions. 

"There's something about the country, the people and the landscape," Cameron told the Sunday Star-Times. "It is a sensible place — people aren't crazy and their values aren't crazy, they are not overly materialistic, they are healthy."

Since 2012, Cameron and his family have been setting down roots in New Zealand, purchasing farm land and orchards with an intent to produce sustainable crops and promote a plant-based lifestyle. The couple recently announced that they'll soon open their own produce market

"The farm in New Zealand is a working farm and it's on a larger scale, for commercial production and supplying restaurants," Amis Cameron said. "We have our own products — Cameron Family Farm products. We've got walnuts, olives, olive oil, hemp seeds."

For Cameron, who grew up working on his grandfather's farm in Canada, the shift to embracing a life rooted in agriculture has come naturally.  

"A lot of society is agrarian and lives close to the earth," he says of New Zealand, "and these are all things I find as I go on in life, more and more, that are important to me."

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James Cameron eyeing permanent move to New Zealand
Director, who has purchased more than 4,000 acres of land in New Zealand since 2012, says he plans to seek citizenship.