As I mentioned earlier, James Cameron's epic space-fantasy "Avatar" is back in theaters this weekend — and even NASA is swept up in the marketing.

The director is fronting a series of PSAs highlighting the space agency's earth science exploration — while also dishing up about 30 seconds of imagery from his film.

"When NASA ventures into space, it remembers to keep a steady eye on home," Cameron says. "Its fleet of Earth-orbiting satellites constantly reveals our whole planet: its remotest places, its mysteries and the powerful influence of humans."

These kind of remind me of those "The more you know..." PSAs that Conan O'Brien is fond of mocking. And maybe it's the delivery, but Cameron appears generally bored with the whole thing. Check out one below — or for the entire series, jump here.

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James Cameron fronts new NASA PSA campaign
'Avatar' director merges scenes from film with highlights of agency's earth science exploration projects.