Fresh from his record-breaking solo dive to the deepest spot on Earth, James Cameron's next project will involve robots destroying each other on television. 


Titled "Robogeddon," the reality series will follow the sport of competitive robot fighting, a theme similar to Comedy Central's "BattleBots," but apparently with a more dramatic and serious angle. 


Hey, if anyone can make robots battling each other to the mechanical death cooler, it's Cameron. After all, this is the guy who created the most badass cyborg of them all, "The Terminator." 


Discovery recently made the surprise announcement, saying that legendary reality television producer Mark Burnett ("Survivor," "Shark Tank") will co-create the series. A release date has not been announced.


As for Cameron's next two "Avatar" films, don't expect that previously promised Christmas 2014 date to pan out. Speaking with Empire, Producer Jon Landau revealed that it's becoming increasingly likely that the second film will be pushed back to 2015.


"We're not really naming dates, but I think 2014 will be a tough date for us to make," he said. "To us, it's about getting it right. The first 'Avatar' was supposed to be 2008, it was 2009. Movies make release dates, release dates don't make movies."


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James Cameron to bring robot fights to Discovery
'Avatar' director to partner with producer Mark Burnett on reality show that features robots battling to the death.