James Cameron: Film director, ocean explorer, engineer, farmer, restaurateur? While that last one is still in question, we now have new details regarding the "Avatar" director's plans for his growing farming empire in New Zealand — and at the very least, a Cameron family produce market appears to be in the cards. 

In an exclusive interview with journalist Nell Alk of Ecorazzi, Suzy Amis Cameron revealed that she and her husband are fully committed to the plant-based lifestyle, with plans underway to use their 4,000 acres to commercially grow several different crops. 

"The farm in New Zealand is a working farm and it's on a larger scale, for commercial production and supplying restaurants," she says. "We have our own products — Cameron Family Farm products. We've got walnuts, olives, olive oil, hemp seeds."

Cameron also revealed that a purchase earlier this summer of a historic house in Greytown, New Zealand will soon serve as the site of their own produce market and cafe. And possibly — a plant-based restaurant. 

"We did recently acquire a building in Greytown, about 45 minutes from the farm," she says. "We’ll open a market there to sell our products and our produce and have a little café. And, at some point, we would love to open a plant-based restaurant."

As for the global plant-based diet campaign the power couple are working on, Amis Cameron said that while it's still in the early stage, they're both very excited. 

"We’re in a unique position," she says. "We have a platform that not everyone has. We feel very honored and very privileged to be able to utilize that for the greater good, for the betterment of our planet. So, our hope and dream — our goal — is to help people understand that connection between livestock production and the environment and how everyone can collectively help to make the planet a better place."

Check out the rest of the great interview — including new info on the plant-based book series Cameron has planned — here

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James Cameron to open produce market in New Zealand
'Avatar' director and his wife Suzy Amis Cameron may also open a plant-based restaurant.