Director James Cameron may be busy on pre-production for the next three "Avatar" films, but he's also not slowing down when it comes to building his New Zealand agricultural empire. 

The 59-year-old was recently granted permission to purchase two properties totaling over 115 acres; reportedly adjoining the 10 other properties in the North Island's Wairarapa region that he's amassed since 2012. With these purchases, Cameron now owns over 3,700 acres of land - including a gorgeous 124-acre lake and a commercial walnut farm

Lake Pounui in New Zealand, part of the more than 3,700 acres owned by director James Cameron. Photo: Google Earth

"It is going to be tree crops and various grains," he told the Wall Street Journal last December. "We are going to see what works there. It can be very windy obviously, although we have a number of sheltered paddocks at the foothills of the Rimutaka Range. We are getting into it slowly, but it isn't going to be dairy. I know dairy is a big deal here, and is a sacred part of the economy, but it is just not something I can reconcile for myself. I don't begrudge anyone else, but I can't reconcile it for myself."

Cameron, who recently celebrated two years of veganism, has said that his main motivation for moving his family to New Zealand was to rekindle a connection he had growing up. 

'I grew up working on my grandfather's farm in Canada and my wife Suzy's family own a farm in Oklahoma," he said. ''We want to raise our kids with the values we had when we were growing up, close to the land and with a strong work ethic. We hope we will be accepted as good neighbors and good members of the community in South Wairarapa."

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