To promote their new film "The Interview," James Franco and Seth Rogen are going au naturel in a special edition of Discovery's "Naked and Afraid."

The actors follow a long-line of non-nude celebrities like Jake Gyllenhaal, Will Ferrell and Zac Efron, who have all tested their mettle in the wilderness. This time, however, neither man will have a skilled survivalist to depend upon. Something, they both clearly were not expecting. 

"What are you doing here?" Rogen is seen asking in a first promo clip for the special. "Are you joking me?"

"You're supposed to be a hot Australian-like survivalist!" Franco tells Rogen, who asks him, "Do you know anything about surviving about here?" 

"Naked and Afraid," currently in its third season, typically pairs two nude survivalists — a man and a woman — who are tasked with staying alive in the wilderness for 21 days. Remote filming locations have included Tanzania, the Maldives, Costa Rica, Borneo and the Amazon rainforest. Earlier last month, Franco and Rogen posted images on Instagram teasing their upcoming special. 


See if me and seth can make it, NAKED and AFRAID!!!! Wtf?! You'll see........

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Oct 10, 2014 at 3:04 PDT
Check out a promo for the upcoming special, hitting Discovery on December 7. See it below at the 1:30 mark. Adds Rogen: "I was hoping to be teamed up with a woman, but I guess Franco's the next best thing."

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James Franco and Seth Rogen bare all for 'Naked and Afraid'
Actors will appear on a special edition of Discovery's reality series, which challenges two completely nude people to survive in the wilderness.