For four years now, the successful Jamie Magazine by celebrity chef Jamie Oliver has been available only to UK subscribers. As soon as next week, however, a North American version of (nearly) everyone's favorite English chef will be available on store shelves in the U.S.


“We’re going to North Americanize Jamie Magazine, but still leaving in that wonderful British flair that makes it Jamie,” Robert Sowah, CEO of idoodlemedia tells Folio. “We’ve met with the Food Network and all of his shows are over here. He has a huge following and he has been a leader as a chef and food activist. It’s hitting a note with an awful lot of people [that enjoy] eating properly and having fun doing it.” 


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Initial plans are to launch the new magazine as a multiplatform publication - with both print and mobile app versions. There's even an interesting piece of technology that allows sponsoring grocery stores to share ingredients with readers via GPS and in-store locations and sales. 


“It can map out the store for you on your phone—if you’re looking for something in particular on sale it will show you where it is in the store," says Sowah. "We’re lifting the experience off of the magazine and letting the reader take it with them, wherever that is.”


idoodlemedia hopes to distribute over 300,000 copies of the magazine across North America by year's end. According to HuffPo, the debut issue will feature a travel story on Nova Scotia, recipes from American winemaker Maria Helm Sinksey and a feature piece on hamburgers. 

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Jamie Oliver's magazine coming to U.S.
Celebrity chef's hit cooking publication to finally come stateside as soon as next week.