After 14 years of calling it home, Jane Fonda is parting ways with her beloved Forked Lightning Ranch in Pecos, just North of Santa Fe, New Mexico. The 2,300-acre spread, recently featured in the March 2014 issue of Architectural Digest, includes a sustainable 9,585 square-foot Spanish colonial style River House that, according to the listing, Fonda took great care in locating.

The enchantment of Forked Lightning led Fonda to spend two years hiking, camping and horseback riding, meticulously analyzing every nuance of the river and the Ranch in order to find the ideal site for her personal dwelling. From examining the seasonal sunsets and sunrises, how the spring-rain showers sweep across the high-desert landscape and assimilating the features of the Southwest-style architecture, Fonda’s River House was sited and created providing an elegant refuge with state-of-the-art technologies.

Fonda, 76, purchased the ranch back in 2000, telling Architectural Digest that she had plenty of experience in owning them thanks to her 10-year marriage to CNN founder and land baron Ted Turner. An avid fly-fisherwoman, she was also attracted to its 3.5 miles of prime trout fishing along the famed Pecos River. “The moment I stepped on the property I knew I was home—its sheer beauty made my hair stand on end,” Fonda said.

In a statement, Fonda said that while she's enjoyed her time at Forked Lightning, it was time to pass the torch.

"Forked Lightning Ranch has been a sanctuary and a place of great joy and recreation for me and my family…I feel the time has come to pass the ranch on to a new custodian of this enchanted place."

Check out the listing for Forked Lightning, currently priced at $19.5M, here. A video of the property is below.

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Jane Fonda selling her 2,300 acre 'sanctuary' in New Mexico
Actress has owned the Forked Lightning Ranch, which includes three miles of the Pecos River, since 2000.