Though he said a few months back that he would not be one of the first people in line to buy the new electric Chevy Volt, it appears that Jay Leno has had a change of heart.

Sounds familiar — right, Conan? [Zing!]

The 60-year-old went to a Los Angeles suburb to pick up the new vehicle and, naturally, the cameras were rolling to get his reaction. He's definitely a backer of the technology under the hood, but agrees that range will be different for everyone.

"Electricity is like sex — people lie about it. You never get quite as far in an electric car as you say you will. So this electricity when you need it and gas when you really want it," he said referring to the Volt's small gas engine that helps charge the batteries and effectively "extends" the range of the vehicle.

Back in July, Leno dissed the Volt's looks, saying it's "a people mover, not a people impresser." However, the practicality of the car has apparently won him over, as he declared when picking it up that it would be one of his main cars at home and on the "Tonight Show" studio lot.

Check out the video below:

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Jay Leno picks up his new Chevy Volt
Comedian takes delivery of one of the first production Volts off the line.