Jeff Bridges isn't about to let political partisanship get in the way of his crusade against childhood hunger. 

“Well, I don’t dig party lines,” the 62-year-old wrote on the Web, “so I’m heading to both the Republican National Convention AND the Democratic National Convention to get people talking about an issue in our country that knows no party — childhood hunger. I’ll be at both conventions, meeting with leaders, appearing on behalf of No Kid Hungry, and telling officials of both parties that America’s future depends on their supporting America’s kids today.”

The Academy Award-winning actor has been actively involved in fighting hunger for nearly 30 years, founding the End Hunger Network back in 1983 and later partnering in 2010 with the children's charity Share Our Strength. Through the No Kid Hungry campaign, Bridges has expressed optimism that with the right focus, childhood hunger in the U.S. can be solved by 2015. 

“Ending hunger is not a mystery,” he says. “By building on successful federal programs like the school breakfast program, our nation’s hungry children can get the food they need to perform well in school and stay healthy. Childhood hunger in America is a hidden epidemic that robs children of the opportunity to grow up healthy and learn well in school, but we see an end in sight. This is a problem we can solve.”

Bridges will make an appearance at the IMPACT Film Festival in Tampa during the RNC festivities to screen "Hunger Hits Home," a film he narrated that "takes a first-hand look at child hunger through the eyes of those affected by and engaged in the fight against child hunger."

You can see a trailer for the film below.

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Jeff Bridges to address childhood hunger at political conventions
Actor says he hopes to get both Republicans and Democrats working to help kids battling poverty and hunger.