While words like "sexy" and "activism" generally do not share the same sentence, PETA has done a fine job making the exception prove the rule.

The group's latest ad protesting the use of exotic animal skins features a nude Jenna Dewan Tatum covered in scale-inspired body paint. The gorgeous actress ("Tamara", "Step Up") and wife of actor Channing Tatum agreed to help the animal-rights organization after viewing a video narrated by Joaquin Phoenix.

“I couldn’t believe that that is what happens for a wallet or a purse,” Jenna said in her interview with PETA. "Choose faux leopard, alligator, python prints — lets be kind 2 our animals! The abuse that I saw these poor animals go through is HORRENDOUS .. We have to take a stand!”

"Snakes who are killed to make wallets, belts, and other accessories have their bodies cut open from one end to the other and their skin ripped off," reads a press release. "They are tossed aside and struggle and writhe in pain for hours or even days until they die. The majority of alligators used to make purses and shoes are raised in crowded, fetid tanks filled with feces and urine. These animals are stabbed, beaten, or clubbed until they stop moving."

Check out the full ad below:

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Jenna Dewan slithers into new PETA ad
Actress artfully urges people not to buy products made with exotic animal skins.