With Elizabeth Hurley's farming show in the trash bin and Planet Green deciding not to renew "The Fabulous Beekman Boys," there's certainly a void in the market for city slickers-turned-farmers reality programming. Enter County Music Television. 


The network has announced a new series, titled "I Love Jennie," that will chronicle Jennie Garth ("90210"), her husband, Peter Facinelli ("The Twilight Saga,") and their three daughters as they transition from Los Angeles to a 7-acre farm in California. According to Deadline, the cameras will capture Garth trying "to put the pressures of Hollywood on the side burner and experience a new way of life."


Granted, this "new way of life" is one that the 39-year-old actress has been promoting for quite some time. Last year, she launched  a new Web series with NBC Universal called "Garden Party." In it, she focuses on various farms, vegetables and how parents can promote healthy eating habits in their children.


In an interview last year with Are You Screening, Garth said that growing up on a ranch in Illinois set the stage for her to one day return to her roots. 


"We lived way out in the country, and we didn't have a lot of money so my mom — we always had our, you know, our vegetables grown in our garden and we would be out there taking care of them and growing them and gardening."


"And I really enjoy, you know, I can remember when I was little walking in the corn fields in Illinois and just having fresh corn whenever you wanted it right outside your door," she added.


Look for Garth and her family to get their feet and hands dirty once more sometime next year on CMT. 

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Jennie Garth lands farming reality show
Series will document former '90210' actress and her family as they move to a 7-acre farm in California.