Jennifer Lawrence is reportedly set to star in "The Dive," the James Cameron-produced free diving drama that revolves around a husband and wife team, their record-breaking dives, and the tragedy that ended it all.  

Lawrence, who once again teams with director Francis Lawrence ("Hunger Games"), will star as Audrey Mestre, a French marine biologist and free diver. A scuba diving enthusiast, Mestre became interested in the sport of free diving (which involves diving to the greatest depths on a single breath of air) in the mid-'90s. She trained under, and later married, the legendary free diver Francisco "Pipín" Ferreras. In November 2002, while attempting to break the world record dive of 531 feet set earlier by her husband, Mestre encountered an issue with a lift balloon. Pulled from the water nine minutes later, efforts to resuscitate her were unsuccessful. She was 28. 

Two books have since emerged in the wake of the tragedy — one by dive co-organizer Carlos Serra called "The Last Attempt" (which faults Ferreras with Mestre's death) and another by Ferreras himself called "The Dive: A Story of Love and Obsession" which details Mestre's life. While it's unclear which story the film will adapt, as mentions, the fact that James Cameron shot Ferreras' record-breaking tribute dive to Mestre in 2003 favors the latter. 

You can watch the ESPN documentary "No Limits" on Mestre, Ferreras and the tragic dive below. Shooting on "The Dive" is expected to start later this year. 

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Jennifer Lawrence to star in true freediving drama 'The Dive'
Actress will play a French world record-setting free diver who drowned during a deep dive accident.