For more than 10 days now, Jeremy Renner has been searching for his French bulldog Hemi. The 42-year-old says the one-and-a-half-year-old pup wandered away from the actor's home after a power outage on July 19th caused the front gate to slide open. An initial reward of $2,000 was offered - but that number has since jumped to $5,000 as the days have dragged on. The actor has promised "no questions asked" to whomever returns Hemi.

Renner's search has not been alone. With the help of a local search rescue organization, the actor setup a Facebook page for the missing dog and has received tremendous support from fans and local LA residents. 

"No Hemi yet, but we continue to flyer, canvass, search, and follow up on all tips and leads," the site ready yesterday. "THANK YOU to all of YOU for helping. Won't you feel so proud and happy when we find him, knowing that YOU helped?! Keep sharing, keep searching, keep spreading the word however you can think. Hemi is out there somewhere!!!"

Adding to the complicated search is the fact that Hemi does not have a microchip or tag implant. He also suffers from a hip problem that requires daily medication. 

A Facebook description for Hemi says that he is 25lbs, tan, with a black face and collar. He may also have a small shaved mark on the back of his neck due to an MRI a few weeks back. 

This unfortunate incident is but the latest for Renner, who lost an 8-month-old French bulldog puppy to heatstroke back in 2008

If you have any information on Hemi or would like to assist in the search, please visit the official Facebook or call the number listed below. 

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Jeremy Renner offers $5K reward for beloved lost dog
'Avengers' actor says his French bulldog Hemi wandered away from his Los Angeles home on July 19th.