After a monthlong search, lots of public appeals through social media, and tremendous volunteer support, Jeremy Renner was happily reunited with his lost French bulldog Hemi last Thursday. 

"Hemi is back where he belongs!" the now-defunct Facebook page dedicated to his rescue declared. "The story is totally convoluted so we don't (and will never) know what actually happened, but he was with a family in Visalia, CA (200 miles away)."

Renner, who offered a $5,000 no-questions-asked reward for Hemi's return, says the 1 1/2-year-old pup wandered from his Los Angeles home after a power outage on July 19 caused the front gate to slide open. The unfortunate incident was the latest for Renner, who lost an 8-month-old French bulldog puppy to heatstroke back in 2008

A follow-up post to Thursday's happy announcement revealed that a woman had called Hemi's family saying that her son had found the dog but, because there was no chip or tag, did not know who it belonged to. 

"The reunion last night was emotional for all, especially his brother dog Digby," according to the post. "The two yelped and cried with happiness to see each other." 

Naturally, the first thing the actor did was take Hemi in to be microchipped. He also received a GPS unit for his collar. 

"Thank you so much to all of our wonderful fans and followers," Renner wrote on Facebook. "Your tireless work, support, faith, and positive messages helped to bring Hemi home. Because of everyone here — and because of everyone YOU shared with — Hemi is safe and sound, and we are all totally elated. We could NOT have done this without you, and for that, you will have our gratitude forever. 

"We are touched by the generosity and love you all have shown to a dog you don't even know. Thank you for caring so much."

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Jeremy Renner reunited with lost French bulldog
'Avengers' actor had been desperately searching for Hemi ever since he wandered from home on July 19.