If you start hearing some of your more animal-conscious friends exclaiming "Happy Thanksliving" next week, go ahead and blame Jesse Eisenberg.

The 32-year-old actor, who next year will star as the villanious Lex Luthor in "Batman v Superman, recently revealed to Conan O'Brien that his Thanksgiving tradition is all about honoring animals.

"I'm mostly vegetarian, my family is vegetarian," Eisenberg said. "We have a vegan Thanksgiving –– although my family calls it 'Thanksliving.'"

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When pressed further by an incredulous Conan, Eisenberg explained how his family adopts turkeys through an animal rescue organization and then prints their pictures out for display on the table. "And then my sister proceeds to read for about an hour about what it's like to be a turkey in a cage before slaughter," he added.

Conan O'BrienNot surprisingly, Conan O'Brien shared that he wasn't particularly interested in ever attending an Eisenberg Thanksliving. (Photo: Conan/YouTube)

Eisenberg's animal-friendly convictions likely come as no surprise to anyone who has followed his career over the years. Not only has he appeared in several animal rescue campaigns for organizations like Farm Sanctuary and HSUS, but he's also spent time reconnecting with nature. In preparation for this role in the 2013 eco-thriller "Night Moves," Eisenberg spent months living in a yurt and working on an organic farm.

"It just gives you a different sense of living," he said. "When you are planting the food that you eat, you feel a direct sense with interacting with the world for practical reasons, and alternatively you are feeling disgusted by a lot of modernity just by being separate from it."

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Jesse Eisenberg explains why his family celebrates 'Thanksliving'
'Batman v Superman' star says his Thanksgiving tradition is all about respect for animals.