Jesse Eisenberg, who rose to fame in such films as "The Social Network" and "Zombieland," is in discussions to take on the role of an eco-terrorist in the film "Night Moves." 


The story follows a group of three environmental activists intent on blowing up a dam. According to Variety, Dakota Fanning is in talks to play a "wealthy young girl who funds the plan." Actor Peter Sarsgaard is also on board to play one of the eco-terrorists. 


"Night Moves," due in 2013, is the second film I've written about recently with an eco-terrorism theme. Last summer, I reported that "True Blood" star Alexander Skarsgard had lined up a role in "The East" as the leader of a group that punishes unethical corporations for their environmental negligence. The film follows an FBI agent, played by actress Brit Marling, tasked with infiltrating the organization and helping to bring them down. 


"It was an amazing experience," Marling told MTV in April. "An incredible group of people came around that story and I think the story was a real test for the kind of person that would want to do it. Not everybody wants to make a movie about anarchy [laughs] and so it was self-selecting. The actors who were drawn to it were the right people for the story and we had an incredible time making it. It’s the story of a girl who's a conservative corporate spy who goes undercover to infiltrate this group of anarchists. We had so much fun making it."


"The East" is due later this year.


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Jesse Eisenberg may play an eco-terrorist in 'Night Moves'
Actor said to be in discussions to play the ringleader of a group with plans to blow up a dam.