Jessica Alba is best known for her roles in movies such as "Fantastic Four," "Little Fockers" and the "Dark Angel" television series. But it's her role as "mom" that brought her to the Capitol on Tuesday. Alba, who is pregnant with her second child, joined Sen. Frank Lautenberg (D-N.J.) in supporting the Safe Chemicals Act and urging Congress to overhaul the outdated law currently governing what chemicals are allowed in consumer products.  

Alba told reporters that she first became interested in hazardous chemicals in consumer products when she was pregnant with her daughter, Honor. “I was shocked to find out there are known toxins in products on our shelves,” Alba said at the Washington, D.C., news conference.

"Like many other moms out there, I try to buy safe products for my family, but that can't be the only solution. You can't hire a team of scientists to do your shopping for you," Alba said at the media briefing. "At some point the government has to step in and ensure that chemicals are safe before our children are exposed to them."

Well said, Ms. Alba!

You can catch a video clip of the Alba/Lautenberg news conference here:

Jessica Alba urges Congress to overhaul toxic chemicals law
Jessica Alba throws her star power behind Sen. Frank Lautenberg's Safe Chemicals Act.