With the "Dog Whisperer" Cesar Millan making a guest appearance on "Late Night" on Monday, host Jimmy Fallon just couldn't resist introducing him and the world to his new family member. 


The 38-year-old brought out his new female golden Labrador puppy named Gary, exposing the dog to millions of people and continuing what's likely to be a lifetime of television appearances. Fallon then turned to Millan for some guidance. "She's really, really cute; I do love her so much, but I'm raising her in New York City, and I was just wondering, do you have any advice if you're raising a dog in the city?"


Millan's recommendation was to be as calm as possible in what's usually a hectic environment. Holding Gary in his lap, he made the dog sit still quietly. 


"You tranquilized her," Fallon quipped. "She looks like taxidermy, she's not moving at all."


Speaking from the Emmy's Red Carpet with Ryan Seacrest earlier in the week, Fallon admitted that he was head-over-heels for Gary. 


"It's like having a baby except no diapers," he said. "It's my first puppy ever. It's amazing, it's a life changer. She's my best friend."


Check out Fallon's reveal of his new pup on "Late Night" below:



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Jimmy Fallon debuts new golden Lab puppy
'Late Night' host Jimmy Fallon shows off new family member to his guest, 'Dog Whisperer' Cesar Millan, and asks for a few tips. "It's like having a baby except