We at MNN are big fans of Jimmy Fallon — and not just because he’s given us a shoutout on his show! Last night, Jimmy Fallon — a.k.a. eco-superhero Recharger — turned pop songs into eco-songs as part of NBC’s Green Week.

Watch the clip to hear Jimmy revamp songs by Amy Winehouse, Greenday, Lady Gaga, Jay-Z featuring Alicia Keyes, and more. My favorites were his parodies of Justin Timberlake (”I bring my bottles back”) and T.I. featuring Rhianna (”Change your light — bulb”), but Jimmy’s lyrics really cover a wide breadth of eco-concerns, from hybrids to bamboo flooring. Wach, laugh, and hum along –

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Jimmy Fallon's eco-jam session
Jimmy Fallon turns pop songs into eco-anthems. Will they inspire Justin Timberlake to start "bringing bottles back"?