Have something personally signed by J.K. Rowling? Consider yourself in possession of the one of the most valuable living autographs in the world. 

Paul Fraser Collectibles, a company that specialises in the sale of high-end collectibles such as rare stamps, book, and vintage wine, has released its annual "Most Valuable Living Autographs" list - with Rowling landing at #8 ahead of Madonna and Ringo Starr. 

According to Fraser, a signed photo of Rowling will net you an average of $1,875. The website cites Rowling's "fairly reculsive lifestyle in a Scottish castle" as well as interest in collectibles related to Harry Potter as drivers of perceived value. 

"The rare autograph market is now serious business in emerging economies as levels of disposable income rise, and the search for trophy-assets begins," the website states. “After all, what's better than investing in a piece of memorabilia you can feel passionate about?"

According to the site, the top three most valuable living autographs in the world belong to Paul McCartney ($3,275), Prince William ($3,275), and Fidel Castro ($5,732).

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J.K. Rowling lands on list of 'most valuable living autographs'
'Harry Potter' author and philanthropist moves ahead of Madonna and Ringo Starr for 2014's most sought-after signatures.