Like something straight out of her "Harry Potter" novels, author J.K. Rowling is planning a magnificent backyard treehouse complex for her Edinburgh home.


The sprawling two-story high structures will be built on stilts and feature balconies, turrets, trap doors, secret entrances, slides, and even spiral staircases. They're meant to be enjoyed by Rowling's two children — David, 9, and Mackenzie, 7 — both of whom will soon become even more popular at school.


The design, which due to its size is currently under review by a planning committee, was created by Blue Forest UK. The company specializes in sustainable luxury treehouses and other hideaways — with prices for basic structures starting at $30,000. Rowling, herself worth over $850 million, is estimated to be spending north of $230,000 on the project. 



"Nobody around here is going to make a fuss about the treehouses for her children," one neighbor told the Daily Mail. "It's her cash she can do what she wants with it. 


"Miss Rowling has spent a lot of money on trees surrounding her property so even if these treehouses are huge, nobody but her is going to see them," they added. "In any case she's extremely nice and well-liked around here."


The treehouses are but the latest additions to a property that the 46-year-old has taken great care to develop. Last summer, she received permission to demolish a $1.6 million home neighboring her own so she could expand her personal garden. Submitted plans for the redevelopment include a greenhouse, summer cottage and a "garden room" folly with a 30-foot conical center tower and a chimney.


Her next book, "The Casual Vacancy," is slated for release on Sept. 27, 2012. 


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J.K. Rowling planning massive backyard treehouse
Two-story structures, featuring secret passages, slides and trap doors, to cost more than $230,000.