Last February, 19-year-old Kaitlyn Dobrow came down with what she thought was the flu. What doctors instead discovered was that the avid kickboxer and dancer had contracted a vicious bacterial infection called meningococcal meningitis, which almost instantaneously spread and started attacking her limbs. Originally only given a week to live, surgeons were able to halt the spread of the bacteria by amputating Dobrow's arms and legs. 

"Initially, she cried when she learned about her limbs," father Don Dobrow told the NY Daily News in April. “But the following day she said this is something I’ll find a way to make work, and joked, 'Who needs a left arm anyway?'"

Today, Kaitlyn is looking forward to rehab and the ability to walk again with prosthetics. To cope with the extreme costs of these future medical bills, her family has setup a fundraising site that received a big boost recently from actor John Stamos. 

The former “Full House” star posted a picture of himself beside Dobrow's hospital bed with the caption, “I’m ONLY doing this cause they asked. I said no press. but this story is a must read- plus me and katie have a date to Disneyland.”

In another pic with Dobrow, Stamos stands with her best friend, Kristen Kidd, and writes:

"John Stamos, his mother Loretta, his nephew Blake, and good friends Glen and Debbie Bickerstaff visited Kaitlyn at UCI today," Kaitlyn's mother wrote on her fundraising page. "They are all absolutely wonderful people. After six long months in the ICU, Kaitlyn is in the final stages of healing and will be going to rehab on August 16th!!!"

To follow Kaitlyn's progress, visit the Facebook page "Caring for Katie" here

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John Stamos gives teen amputee a date to Disneyland
Kaitlyn Dobrow, who had all of her limbs removed due to a deadly bacterial infection, received a special visit in the hospital from the actor.