If you've ever dreamed of sitting opposite Jon Stewart on the set of "The Daily Show" and chatting up the comedian on current events (or his role in the terrible film "Death to Smoochy"), now's your chance! In partnership with the charity raffle site Omaze, Stewart is giving you a chance to win a spot in the hot seat, tour the backstage madness of "The Daily Show," and score a VIP view of a live taping. While your interview (for obvious reasons) won't make it onto an actual episode, you'll still get the experience of being interviewed by the comedian in front of a live studio audience. 

"We're going to have an amazing conversation in front of the in-studio audience, and who knows where it'll lead--politics, hobbies, and your third grade birthday party are all fair game," writes Stewart. "And just in case no one believes you, we'll send you home with a tape to prove it!"

Like other Omaze raffles we've profiled here, going above the $10 entry fee earns you some additional prizes. For those with deep pockets, $10,000 nets you a signed copy of a "Daily Show" script with Jon Stewart's actual notes. For $25,000, you get to visit the set and take a selfie with the comedian. 

In return for a shot at all of these great prizes, you'll also be doing your part to help a charity close to Stewart's heart: The Mission Continues. This non-profit helps veterans adjust to life back home by focusing their strengths, talents, and passions on projects in local communities.  

Have $10 burning a hole in your pocket and feeling lucky? Jump here to buy a shot at hanging with Jon Stewart

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Jon Stewart offers 'Daily Show' guest spot for charity
For only $10, you'll have a shot at sitting opposite Jon Stewart in front of a live studio audience on 'The Daily Show.'