With the recent cold snap impacting much of the United States, it was only a matter of time before Fox News used the record-lows to champion the demise of global warming; a rallying cry they've unsuccessfully for years attempted to back up using poor science, knee-jerk reactions, and gut feelings.

Thankfully, Jon Stewart and "The Daily Show" returned from the holidays just in time to once again give it to the nation's leading network for the misinformed.

“There you have it: ‘War on Christmas’ is over — ‘War on Carbon’ begins,” Stewart said. “Global warming: Just one more ‘liberal conspiracy.’ Because even though there is a great deal of scientific data establishing climate change trends. Even though many of the models of global warming predict more extremes of weather — not just warming — apparently decades of peer-reviewed scientific study can be, like a fichus plant, destroyed in one cold weekend.”

The highlight, beyond a cameo by Donald Trump once again declaring global warming "a hoax," was truly Fox News’ Eric Bolling - who declared climate change a giant money-making scheme.

"I gotta say, I think these scientists are laughing from their lavish laboratories, and their vacations up at the arctic, and their nice boats that are well-equipped," he declared.

Said Stewart in response: "Yea, that's the dream, man. I remember thinking - s**t when I get older, I'm going to take one of those Arctic research cruises. And monitor s**t, because all the ladies be like 'Damn, your readings are so accurate!'"

Check out "The Daily Show's" further dissection of Fox News' lunacy below.

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Jon Stewart slams Fox News on climate change denial
'Daily Show' host takes issue with network's claims that recent cold snap disproves the science of global warming.