As is popular these days with the Hollywood crowd, Jonah Hill is asking fans to help him celebrate his 28th birthday with a charitable donation to Nothing But Nets. The global, grassroots campaign was started by the U.N. as a means to raise awareness and funding to fight malaria. 


"Refugee camps are crowded," Hill writes. "Mosquitoes that spread malaria are breeding like crazy and having fun in the swampy lands … but no one else is. That’s why malaria is such a big deal in these camps in the Horn of Africa. Malaria is taking lives every day, but we can prevent the disease with a net that costs less than a movie ticket."


The actor is running his campaign through Edward Norton's Crowdrise fundraising site, while also participating in the Mozilla Firefox Challenge. The competition pits 12 celebrities against one other until Jan. 11 to see who can raise the most money for their cause. While Mozilla donated $5,000 initially to every participant, the winning charity will receive an additional $25,000. Celebs involved include Paul Rudd, Zoey Deschanel, Sophia Bush, Jason Bateman, Sean Penn and others. 


"Don’t make me look bad," Hill writes on his campaign page. "I mean, just $10 to Nothing But Nets sends a net and saves a life. It really doesn’t get much easier than that." 


"Please give. Give twice. Join my team and get the word out. Tweet about it. Annoy your friends on Facebook by posting this project like ten times. Whatever it takes. Help us win this contest so we can send as many nets as possible."


To participate with Team Hill — or any of the other 11 celebrities — hit the Crowdrise page here


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Jonah Hill launches charity birthday wish
Actor asks fans to celebrate his 28th birthday with a donation to help fight malaria in Africa.