The always-amusing Jose Canseco turned things up a notch Wednesday evening after being pulled over by cops and revealing to the officers some bizarre cargo in the backseat. 

The 49-year-old was found to have two live goats - with one wearing a diaper. In a tweet to his followers, Canseco shared the humor of the moment. 

Canseco's furry passengers are actually the subject of a new documentary the former MLB slugger is filming on fainting goats. When startled, the muscles in these domestic goats freeze up for roughly 10 seconds, causing the animal to fall to its side paralyzed. The condition, which can also occur in humans, renders the animal helpless, but completely conscious. 

Why Canseco has an interest in fainting goats in anyone's guess, but they are known to be good pets - something he and his girlfriend are apparently ready to pursue. 

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Jose Canseco pulled over with diaper-wearing goat in car
Former Major League Baseball slugger says he studying the animals as part of a documentary on fainting goats.