Josh Dorfman, aka The Lazy Environmentalist, has scored the "Dad of the Year" award from a luxury children's clothing brand.

Launched last year in the U.S., Polarn O. Pyret has operated in Sweden for the last 30 years with an emphasis on combining high quality products with a consideration for the environment. They chose Dorfman as the first-ever recipient of the award to honor those who inspire children and their parents to live healthy, responsible and generous lives.

“Josh is revolutionizing the way Americans make ‘greener’ choices. In today’s world, making good environmental choices is critical, and it’s helpful when those choices can be easy for today’s busy parents,” said Jennifer Athanason, U.S. master franchiser for Polarn O. Pyret. “Once thought of as difficult, time-consuming or expensive, being environmentally conscious can often be the more attractive and easier choice.”

Though Dorfman has only been a father for two months, his savvy green ways have made the transition into the role of an eco-dad pretty seamless. Not only is he the executive producer and host of Sundance Channel’s “The Lazy Environmentalist,” but he's also the author of two advice books on a cutting-edge green lifestyle as well as owner of sustainable furniture company Vivavi.

“When people have children, I believe it becomes easier to kick the bad habits and make greener choices because you’re no longer making those choices just for you. You’re now making them for your children,” Dorfman said. “I am honored to be recognized by Polarn O. Pyret, a company that has been ‘greening it’ for more than 30 years. Green clothing for kids is very important, but it can't only be organic — it has to also look fantastic otherwise the wider segment of the consumer market will not buy into the concept.”

You can read more about Polarn O. Pyret — and see some photos of Josh and his adorable family here. Congrats!

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Josh Dorfman named green 'Dad of the Year'
Eco-centric television host and author honored by children's clothing maker Polarn O. Pyret.