Josh Duhamel is wasting no time organizing efforts to assist residents of Minot, N.D., where some 4,000 homes have been damaged or destroyed.

The 38-year-old who stars in the new "Transformers" film has been named the honorary chairman for the Minot Area Recovery Fund, which will help the city and surrounding area with long-term flood recovery needs. 

"I spent the first 22 years of my life in Minot and still have family living there, including my sister and her family who have lost their house to floodwaters," said Duhamel. "Minot will always be home to me, and it breaks my heart to see the devastation the city and its residents are going through. People from Minot are strong and come together in a time of need, and I know they'll get through this. But with everyone's help, we can make it easier for them to restore their lives and the surrounding Minot area."

The actor is using his voice (and 71,000 Twitter fans) to encourage donations to the fund and Minot Red Cross. Duhamel also co-owns a restaurant in town called "10 North Maine," though it's unclear if the restaurant has survived the flooding. A Facebook posting on June 23 showed efforts were underway to protect it. 

"Thank you to all of our staff, family and friends that helped sandbag the restaurant today — it was proof once again of why Minot is such an incredible community. We are so thankful to be here, and know that nothing will keep us, or this city down!"

According to the Army Corps of Engineers, it could be two weeks before the Souris River drops to a level below Minot's permanent levees.

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Josh Duhamel named honorary Minot flood fund chairman
'Transformers' star grew up in North Dakota city devastated by record river levels. evastated by record river levels.